Premium Prices for Insurance Plans

Getting calls for your personal information from your insurance provider is common form of fraudulent practice. Hope you have not stepped in the trap. Read on to ensure you are not the next one.

Medical Thief

The theft of this kind is new and has gained popularity over the years. Medical identity is the only things these thieves steal. They are quite different from other frauds. The thief uses your personal information to use all the medical benefits in your name, buy medicines and make fake bills at the shops.

Why Get Insured?

The growing need for medical insurances has called in for such nuisance. One of the desired health plans is Medicare advantage plans located at Large amount of money is involved in medicine industry. Different forms of illnesses are cropping up every single day. Most of them need high-end precision tools and drugs. These are very expensive. So, people are spending lot of their earnings on medical and health insurances.

There is a growing percentage of old people in world as more and more people are opting for nuclear family or no child policy. For old age people, insurances are boon. Large number of people is investing in medical or health insurances from early years of their careers. Insurances companies have a great role to play today. Medicare advantage plans are on huge demand. There are various types of them to choose from.

Who to Blame

The insurance companies are coming up with new plans and terms. Huge money is involved in this industry. Personal information is shared by the individual subscribers. This information is then used against the individuals and fraudulent acts are performed. There are many types of frauds or scams involved. Sometimes the insured try to squeeze out money from the insurance companies too for personal need through unscrupulous ways.

Fraud Types

Firstly, a subscriber may provide false or deceptive information to the insurance companies to pay policy holders. These types of frauds are committed by the insured or the health services. Prescriptions can be used to buy banned or unprescribed drugs. These are deliberate frauds. When a policy holder over stresses a claim or provide wrong information, it is known as opportunity fraud. Illicit benefits are enjoyed by the recipients. Falsification of the information is the main source in this type.

Secondly, individuals like policy holders, beneficiaries, medical service providers have all the required information of the insured. They at any point can use this information and sabotage the policy. Mostly policies which have huge money involved are in focus. The health care providers can bill for not rendered service, charge for expensive services, charge for non-covered treatments are some of the examples.

Guard Yourself

The policies are provided with numbers. So, guard your numbers and do not share this with anyone. Under any circumstances this number should not be disclosed to anyone, not even your health provider or the policy maker or the insurance company. Some policy like Medicare advantage plans sends their policy card through couriers at your doorstep. The registered posts are given to the insured individuals only.

If you are opting for any healthcare plans, like Medicare Advantage plans ensure that these types of plans are provided to you by licensed agents. Verify the credentials. Visit the websites and compare the various plans online with the chosen one to get a better perspective. Cross check with the provider and the company several times before investing.

Be safe, be healthy!